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Empowering Kosovo’s Youth: Red Mill’s Changemaker Campaign


Red Mill Agency teamed up with the “Empowering Youth for a Peaceful, Prosperous, and Sustainable Future in Kosovo” Project for an important mission: to kick-start the Youth for Kosovo online campaign. This campaign was all about getting young people from different backgrounds to work together, sharing ideas and making positive changes in Kosovo. Thanks to Red Mill’s hard work and clever strategies, the campaign reached its goals, making a big impact.

#Y4Kchangemaker Campaign Identity

 Red Mill Agency came up with a catchy way to bring everyone together under the Youth for Kosovo campaign. They created the hashtag #Y4Kchangemaker and the slogan “I’m a changemaker, what about you?” This was a simple but powerful way to get the message across and to invite young people to be part of something special.

Telling Stories Through Video 

One of the highlights was a video Red Mill made, featuring four young women sharing their experience of working together. This wasn’t just any video. It was a professionally made piece that really showed off the message and invited others to join in. It was popular, too, getting about 8000 views on social media.

Making Noise on Social Media

Red Mill didn’t stop there. They put a lot of effort into their social media, especially with a Facebook page called Youth for Kosovo. Their team, led by experts, made sure the page was full of interesting and engaging content. This approach worked wonders, attracting over 2000 followers and a lot of interaction in just one month.

Reaching Out in Person

Besides the online work, Red Mill also made an effort to connect with young people in Kosovo in person. They organized discussions and talks at schools and colleges, giving UNDP reps a chance to talk directly with the youth. This mix of online and face-to-face activities really helped make the Youth for Kosovo campaign a success, inspiring young people to come together and make a difference.

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