Women Owned Business - Kosova Women for Women

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Kosovo: The WOB Project


Through captivating previews and a carefully designed brand identity, Red Mill didn’t just contribute; they set the stage for a powerful movement. This was about more than creating a brand; it was about igniting a community-wide call to cherish, protect, and nurture our planet. With every design and every message, they reminded us of our collective responsibility to foster a sustainable environment, making Kosovo Earth Days a symbol of hope and action for our environment.


Crafting a Distinct Identity: WOB Branding


Red Mill Agency partnered with Kosova Women for Women (KW4W) on the Women-Owned Business (WOB) project to empower and spotlight women entrepreneurs in Kosovo. With a focused media campaign, they elevated female-led businesses, creating a vibrant brand identity that encapsulated the essence and ambitions of these enterprises. This effort included motivational posts filled with tips and success stories to inspire future women business owners.

Bringing Stories to Life: WOB TV Commercial

Delving deeper, Red Mill crafted a touching TV commercial featuring three women-owned businesses, celebrating their dedication and inviting community support. Unique entrance stickers for these businesses became symbols of female empowerment and diversity, visually marking a space for women’s achievements in the business sector. 

Through this initiative, Red Mill and KW4W not only highlighted the successes of women entrepreneurs but also fostered a supportive network, encouraging the community to embrace and champion the role of women in shaping a diverse and dynamic business landscape in Kosovo.

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