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Empowering Inclusion: #tgjitheNperfshirje (#AllinInclusion) Campaign Kickoff


Working closely with UNICEF Kosovo, Red Mill Agency has launched a heartwarming campaign, #AllTogetherInInclusion, aimed at creating a more inclusive world for children with disabilities. At the center of this effort is “The Knot,” a striking installation featuring a 2-meter-high ball of thread. This campaign encourages everyone to engage with the hashtag #untietheknot, a call to unite in support of children with disabilities. As the thread ball journeys through five municipalities, it carries with it a collective plea to the government: to place the needs and well-being of these children at the forefront of legislative action.

The Art of Empathy: Crafting the Logo and Slogan


The logo and slogan for the campaign were designed with care and empathy by Red Mill Agency. The logo, with its warm tones and inviting imagery, embodies the spirit of love and togetherness for children with disabilities. The choice of vibrant colors reflects the diversity and youthful energy of children, sparking creativity and a joyful expression of their feelings. The slogan highlights our shared responsibility to tackle obstacles and make children’s dreams come true.

Unveiling “The Knot”

“The Knot” stands as a touching symbol within the campaign, a large installation made from about 2000 meters of rope and weighing around 400 kg. It represents the complex challenges that children with disabilities and their families navigate daily. The four colors of the rope celebrate diversity and the spirit of childhood. As individuals add their supportive messages and threads to the installation, it evolves into a vibrant testament to community and advocacy, pushing for societal recognition and action towards an inclusive future.

Inspiring Stories

As part of the #AllTogetherInInclusion campaign, Red Mill Agency produced a series of poignant videos featuring children with disabilities sharing their passions and challenges. These heartfelt narratives from Esra, Bekimi, and Adriatik, our little ambassadors, have deeply moved us, highlighting both their struggles and their indomitable spirit. Through their candid stories, they offer a glimpse into their daily lives, aspirations, and the obstacles they face. Their courage and hope for a brighter future resonate powerfully, underscoring the importance of our collective efforts to build a more inclusive society.

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