Prushtina Heat Save

Empowering ‘Termokos’ Consumers:The ‘Prishtina Heat Save’ Campaign

Red Mill has successfully organized and executed the “Prishtina Heat Save” campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to raise awareness among “Termokos” consumers about the measures that need to be taken as part of the PHS project. Our team employed various online marketing tools and strategies to reach out to consumers and also aided with the survey of existing appliances as part of the project’s implementation.

Red Mill’s Multi-Pronged Approach: Marketing Strategies for ‘Prishtina Heat Save

We were responsible for organizing and producing a video animation. We also created and executed a social media strategy, and were in charge of maintaining the project website and Viber Community Group. Additionally, we took care of photography, radio and TV broadcasting, and printed materials. Furthermore, we organized the official event for the campaign, which was attended by representatives from Termokos and MFK, as well as members of the media and the general public.

Achievements and Outreach of the
‘Prishtina Heat Save’ Campaign

By utilizing a well-planned media strategy, which included social media posts, radio interviews with MFK and Termokos officials, and a comprehensive media plan, we were able to achieve over 540,000 impressions and more than 4,000 visits to our Facebook and Instagram profiles. All of the activities were executed in accordance with the approved action plan, which effectively helped to promote the PHS project and its benefits to the intended audience.
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