#përintegritetpolitik – WFD

Championing Political Transparency with WFD

Joining hands with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), Red Mill Agency set out to ignite a powerful conversation through the #përintegritetpolitik (#forpoliticalintegrity) campaign, a shining beacon in WFD’s programme in Kosovo. This heartfelt endeavor aims to open eyes and minds across the nation to the urgent call for cleansing politics of criminal influence. Highlighting best practices from around the globe and spotlighting the risks such issues pose to Kosovo, the campaign stands as a rallying cry for citizens. It’s an invitation to stand together, choosing leaders who not only promise but demonstrate integrity through their untainted legal standing. 

Beyond a campaign, #përintegritetpolitik (#forpoliticalintegrity) is a platform for every voice in Kosovo, offering a space to share hopes, demands, and dreams for the political landscape. In lockstep with WFD’s mission, this initiative breathes life into the fabric of democracy in Kosovo. It champions transparent, accountable political practices and cultivates a culture of democracy that thrives on active citizen participation.

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