Elevating Kosovo’s ICT Sector: KosovoICT Brand Creation

In collaboration with STIKK, Red Mill Agency spearheaded the creation of the KosovoICT brand, aiming to bolster the country’s dynamic technology industry. The initiative sought to provide a unified platform for technology leaders, fostering collaboration and support within the sector. Recognizing the pivotal role of STIKK in advancing the ICT industry since its establishment in 2008, the project aimed to develop a comprehensive identity that would professionally represent the sector internationally. The creation of KosovoICT’s brand identity involved clear communication channels, a whitepaper detailing sector statistics, and a Brand Book guiding its appropriate use. This endeavor aimed to present a unified and organized picture of Kosovo’s ICT sector, reinforcing its image on the global stage. 

The journey to KosovoICT’s brand identity was paved with thoughtful communication, insightful whitepapers filled with industry statistics, and a Brand Book that ensured KosovoICT’s story would be told with consistency and pride. This effort was more than a branding project; it was a message to the world. Kosovo’s ICT sector is here, united and stronger than ever, ready to shine internationally and show what it means to innovate with heart.

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