A Culinary Milestone: Fluidi’s Pioneering Product Launch



The assignment at hand was a formidable one – to curate an unparalleled product launch event, celebrating the debut of Kosovo’s very first cooking oil, proudly presented by our esteemed client, Fluidi. This exceptional product holds more than just culinary significance; it is intricately woven into the tapestry of Kosovo’s economic growth.

From State Officials to Social Media Buzz: Orchestrating Fluidi’s Grand Product Launch



Red Mill Agency came up with a catchy way to bring everyone together under the Youth for Kosovo campaign. They created the hashtag #Y4Kchangemaker and the slogan “I’m a changemaker, what about you?” The challenge was to orchestrate an exceptional product launch event for Kosovo’s inaugural cooking oil by Fluidi, deeply intertwined with the nation’s economic progress. The event aimed to attract distinguished attendees, including municipal mayors, economic ministers, and institutional luminaries. Our responsibilities encompassed inviting key state figures, securing widespread public television coverage, embellishing the venue, scheduling the event, and organizing an elegant post-event cocktail soirée. Simultaneously, we executed an extensive social media marketing strategy, crafting captivating designs, animations, persuasive articles, and TV commercials that captured the essence of Fluidi’s groundbreaking cooking oil.

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