Festo me Zemër, jo me armë – UNDP

Promoting Safe Celebrations: A Campaign for Cultural Responsibility


In a heartfelt partnership, Red Mill Agency teamed up with UNDP and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a critical campaign across Kosovo. Our goal? To confront the deeply rooted tradition of firing guns in moments of joy and celebration. At the core of this initiative is a straightforward yet impactful message: Celebrations should be joyful and safe, not hazardous. By highlighting the dangers of celebratory gunfire, we aim to cultivate a culture of celebration that is safe for everyone. Encouraging people to report incidents of gunfire is a step toward a more secure community, ensuring that our valued traditions promote, rather than compromise, our safety.

“Festo me zemë, jo me armë”: Crafting a Visual Narrative for Responsible Celebrations

The heart of our campaign is captured in the simple slogan “Celebrate with Heart, Not Arms.” This message offers a clear depiction of two aspects of our celebrations. On one side, “Celebrate with Heart,” presented against a white background, conjures images of pure joy, love, and responsible festivity, symbolized by a bright red heart. On the other side, “Not with Arms,” set against a black background, acts as a serious warning of the risks when guns are included in our moments of happiness. The white heart in this context clearly contrasts with its background, underlining the clear difference between celebration and potential sadness. With this visual story, we encourage everyone to choose a path of affection and safety, transforming the way we share our moments of joy.

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