Made In Kosova

Kosovo’s Treasures on Display

The Kosovo Producers Club, which comprises the 15 most prominent producers in the country, has proposed a nationwide campaign to promote Kosovo’s underappreciated qualities such as its nature, culture, food, beverages, services, art, and other resources. The goal is to assemble key personalities from various fields to express their passion for their work and its impact on Kosovo’s society.

From Vision to Reality

We had the pleasure of developing a comprehensive branding strategy for the campaign that involved creating a logo, slogan, communications plan, viral marketing, social media management, video production, media buying, and promotional materials. Following the delivery of an outstanding output, the client organized a gala event that was attended by high-ranking officials, including the President of Kosovo, Ambassadors, Ministers, and members of the business community. This event marked the launch of the campaign.

The Resounding Success

And the results speak for themselves – the launch of fafi-ks.com was a massive success, exceeding all expectations. From the moment we went live, the traffic to our website skyrocketed, and our customers were thrilled with the exceptional shopping experience we provided.

Incredible Reach

Remarkably, within 24 hours of its release, the TV spot had already reached nearly one million people, underscoring the campaign’s impact and success.
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