Digital Marketing Training-CARE

Red Mill Empowers Youth through Digital Marketing Training with CARE

Working together with CARE, Red Mill was instrumental in launching the second session of a 5-day Digital Marketing training as a segment of the “Kosovo Youth Participation” (KYP) project, which is supported by the European Union. This effort focuses on improving the job prospects of young people by providing them with the necessary skills for today’s employment market. The recent workshop brought in 10 participants ready to dive into the world of digital marketing, learning about strategies and the benefits of online promotion. Through practical activities, they developed their ability to effectively market products and services online, preparing them for future job opportunities.

For us at Red Mill, this goes beyond simple training; it’s about guiding 48 young individuals towards both personal growth and active participation in Kosovo’s economy. This program is not only about mastering digital marketing skills but also about building confidence and igniting a drive for creativity among the youth. We are proud to be a part of their development, helping shape the next generation of digital marketing professionals ready to contribute to their community.

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