20 Vjet - BPB

Celebrating BPB’s 20th Anniversary with Red Mill

Collaborating with BPB on their momentous 20th Anniversary was an exhilarating opportunity for Red Mill. We recognized the significance of this milestone and were excited to craft a celebration that honored BPB’s two decades of dedicated community service. The first video captured BPB’s exploration of Kosovo’s culture and unique places, emphasizing the bank’s commitment to local businesses and culture.

Employee Testimonials – A Tribute to BPB’s Impact

We had the opportunity to create a series of video testimonials in addition to the cultural exploration video. These testimonials were deeply personal and moving, as BPB’s employees shared their stories of how the bank has impacted their lives. It was an honor to be a part of celebrating BPB’s success by showcasing the human element behind it. We were inspired by the passion and commitment of the BPB team and grateful to have the chance to reveal the personal stories that have driven their exceptional journey.

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