19 Years of the Ombudsman Institution

Celebrating 19 Years of the Ombudsman Institution

In a heartwarming collaboration with the European Union-funded project “Support to the Ombudsman Institution,” we at Red Mill Agency were deeply honored to organize the 19th-anniversary celebration for the Ombudsman Institution. This special event, graced by Mr. Hilmi Jashari, the Ombudsman, highlighted the institution’s journey of growth and its transformation into a trusted entity in Kosovo and the Balkans. The celebration included an interactive workshop, led by Red Mill Agency, which was a space for sharing stories, ideas, and engaging in dialogue. This was an opportunity to build bridges, understand different perspectives, and enrich the human rights culture in Kosovo.

A touching moment of the event was acknowledging the retirement of Mr. Ibrahim Arslan, whose strong commitment has significantly contributed to the institution’s success. His work has left a lasting impact, marking him as a cornerstone of the institution. Red Mill Agency was privileged to be part of this landmark celebration, reinforcing our commitment to encouraging understanding, toughness in the face of challenges, and increasing awareness about the importance of human rights. This event wasn’t just a milestone; it was a reminder of the power of collective effort and dedication to making a difference, one year at a time.

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